Breitling Battles British Protesters With Pro-Fracking Newspaper Ad (


Chris Faulkner, the CEO and president of Dallas-based Breitling Energy Co., placed a full-page advertisement in The Telegraph Sunday calling on residents of the United Kingdom to ignore the “scaremongering” and support fracking.

He cites new evidence that shows higher natural gas reserves than previously thought, according to the British Geological Survey.

He’s also well aware of the environmental activists who are protesting against fracking in the country.

“My hope is that you, the people of this great kingdom, will see through the hype and the drama by keeping an open mind and to hearing the truth about fracking,” he said.

Public support for fracking has fallen steadily in recent months in Britain, according to a survey by the University of Nottingham, The Guardian reported.

Anti-fracking protesters raise concerns about the water supply, climate change, the flaring and trucks, according to The Guardian.

Faulkner,  who took Breitling (OTC: BECC) public last month after merging with Bering Exploration, also says he’s interested in a joint venture in the United Kingdom. But, he says he placed the advertisement because it’s in the best interest of America’s allies to have energy independence.

Developing a domestic supply of natural gas could prevent the “near catastrophic gas shortage last winter.”

The UK currently relies on Russia for its natural gas supply.

Having its own supply would give them “freedom from interruptions and stoppages as a result of Russia’s political games with your gas supply,” Faulkner wrote in the ad. 

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