Breitling Energy CEO Chris Faulkner Featured in December 2013 Issue of Drillers and Dealers: An Oil Council Magazine

ceooooBreitling Energy Companies CEO Chris Faulkner featured in December 2013 CEO Issue of Drillers and Dealers Magazine.

Drillers and Dealers, the Oil Council’s bimonthly magazine and website providing the various views from the Industry’s Best representing a cross section of the upstream oil and gas, finance, and investment industries. In this issue, Faulkner was put On The Spot along with other CEOs with this question:   

Looking back over 2013, what lessons have your company and indeed, the industry as a whole, learned that you’re taking forward into your business planning for 2014?

“I hope the industry has finally learned the power of community.  This is a big deal at Breitling Oil and Gas – we’ve seen the positive results of really reaching out to the communities in which we operate.

We don’t rely on the whistles and bells of a slick marketing campaign. It’s just us, a handful of good ol’ folds from Breitling, positing simple fliers, inviting locals to a town meeting, and then showing up and answering their questions.

We spend time in each community, discussing our projects in coffee shops and even at the drill site. And time and time again we’ve completed our operations without conflict or drama.

It’s not enough to improve our processes and our technologies to reduce our impact on the environment or to talk about job creation and tax revenue generate. We can’t afford to sit back and pat ourselves on our backs for work well done. We as a company and the industry as a whole need to be proactive and get out there in front of the people who are most affected – the citizens of the regions where we operate.

Brochures, websites, TV and radio spots are all well and good, but they don’t stand a chance against the stereotypes, sensational claims and outright lie so prevalent in popular media today. I believe that industry executives have to do their part to personally promote and defend the best practices and environmental stewardship being undertaken by this industry.

I cannot overstate the value of personal touch, applied early and often, when it comes to any oil or gas project. This is a commitment and a model we at Breitling will definitely continue to embrace in 2014 and I sincerely hope the industry as a whole will increasingly adopt. The benefits are clear – we have everything to lose by remaining safe in our corporate office and everything to gain by getting involved in our communities.”

Quoted: Chris Faulkner

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