Breitling Energy Corporation Announces Update on Breitling Hope Lime Field Discovery

Dallas, Texas – March 6, 2014 – Breitling Energy Corporation (OTC:BECC) (the “Company”) announced that its previously reported new oil discovery in Taylor County, Texas, the Teaff #1, began producing on February 11, 2014.  The well has averaged 40 to 50 barrels of oil per day while pumping only 6 hours per day while the Company expands its onsite production equipment.  The Company originally announced the well could be capable of producing 110 BOPD.  However, at its current rate, the Teaff #1 should be able to produce over 160 BOPD.  The Company will continue testing the well while monitoring pressures and fluid entry.  Breitling’s Chief Geologist, Joe Simo and consulting geophysicist, Gerald Holden believe the Teaff #1 has 3 to 4 offset locations.

“We are very pleased with the current results of this well and hope we can expand the daily production flow in the near future,” said Chris Faulkner, Chief Executive Officer and President of Breitling Energy Corporation.  “We hope to drill this acreage out by the close of 2014 and expand the field’s production along the way.”

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Chris Faulkner

President  & CEO

Breitling Energy Corporation