Breitling Energy’s CEO to Speak at Important Mexico Shale Summit

Dallas, TX – February 18, 2015 – Chris Faulkner, CEO and Chairman of Breitling Energy Corporation (OTCBB: BECC) will participate in a panel discussion today during the Mexico Shale Summit, a two-day oil and gas convention in San Antonio Texas featuring C-level executives, internationally recognized industry speakers, investors and government officials from the energy, infrastructure and transportation industries.

Mexico is poised to benefit from exploration and development of the continuation of the Eagle Ford shale formation, which extends from south Texas across the border into Mexico’s Burgos Basin.  Mexico is believed to hold an estimated 13 billion barrels of oil and some 600 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in shale reserves, making it the 8th largest and 6th largest holdings in the world respectively.  Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, has been reforming the country’s energy operations in preparation for international joint ventures, partnership and co-development of its vast shale reserves.  The Ministry of Energy in Mexico estimates $100 billion in outside investment will be needed over the next decade to develop Mexico’s shale alone.

“The possibility of a North American energy confederation is still something I would like to see on the table – for Canada, Mexico and the United States,” Faulkner said.  “It doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar in Washington, but if we could strive for North American energy independence first, we would be the second largest oil producing coalition in the world next to OPEC, and would be incredibly formidable in determining world oil policy.  Mexico is in an excellent position, they know it, and President Pena Nieto is making the right moves to open his country to new partnership and development,” Faulkner added.

Faulkner will participate this afternoon with Laredo Energy CEO, Glenn Hart on a panel moderated by Charles Blanchard, Head of Gas Research with Bloomberg New Energy Finance discussing America’s natural gas industry and Mexico’s role, including demand forecasts, the potential to export LNG and refined products and the long-term effects on global markets.



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SOURCE: Breitling Energy Corporation