Breitling Oil and Gas CEO to Host 'Oil & Gas Today' on KNX 1070 NewsRadio

Breitling Oil and Gas Corporation, an independent exploration and production company based in Irving, Texas, announced that beginning April 10, 2013, its chief executive officer Chris Faulkner will host the new “Oil & Gas Today” daily energy update on Los Angeles’ KNX 1070 NewsRadio.

The “Oil & Gas Today” program will air each weekday at 8:39 a.m. and 5:33 p.m.

Chris Faulkner, Breitling Oil and Gas CEO, said, “We have had great success with doing the Oil and Gas today radio show here in the Dallas market and I think it is going to replicate well out in California.” Faulkner added, “I believe it will give the listeners the ability to stay current on all topics related to the energy industry which in today’s economic climate are very important topics to be discussing.”

For listeners outside the Los Angeles area, KNX 1070 airs live on the Internet at:   Additionally, Breitling Oil and Gas will be archiving each of the “Oil & Gas Today” updates as a podcast on its website.

For more information on this and other activities of the Company, see the Breitling Oil and Gas website at

Breitling has current oil and gas exploration projects all over the United States.