Our History

Breitling Energy Corporation (OTC:BECC) is a growing energy company based in Dallas, Texas, engaged in the acquisition of lower risk onshore oil and gas properties and the exploration and development of such properties. We intend to utilize a combination of acquisitions and growth through the drill-bit to increase reserve and production value. Our oil and gas operations are focused primarily in the Permian Basin of Texas and the Mississippi oil window of southern Kansas. We also have various properties in Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Mississippi.

Breitling’s exploration activities are focused on adding profit generating production to existing core areas and increasing our current non-operation positions.

Breitling’s primary goal is to increase shareholder value by increasing the value of acquired properties through a combination of exploration, drilling and proven engineering extraction practices.

As part of our corporate strategy, we believe in the following fundamental principles:

  • Maximize the value of our properties by increasing production and reserves while controlling cost.
  • Maintain a highly competitive team of experienced and incentivized personnel and engineers.
  • Remain focused in specific regions where we have a competitive advantage as a result of our ever expanding infrastructure, or where we believe we can ultimately obtain it.
  • Acquire properties where we believe additional value can be created through secondary recovery operations and a combination of other exploration, development, exploration and marketing techniques.