Breitling Energy Team Member Profile


David Kovacs

Executive Vice President of Strategic Development

David Kovacs joined the Breitling Energy management team in November 2014 as Executive Vice President of Strategic Development.  Mr. Kovacs specializes in investment banking, private equity and venture capital and has extensive experience in both mature and emerging markets, having analyzed hundreds of deals and executed both buy and sell-side engagements.

Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Kovacs served as the Head of Investment Banking, Research, and Private Equity for North America for Fitch Learning (Fitch Ratings).  Before that he held private equity and investment banking roles in key positions with Hinduja Group, Blackstone Group, and Citigroup.  Mr. Kovacs lectures at many of the leading investment banks, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, and government agencies, including the Securities & Exchange Commission, New York City Controller’s Office, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, JP Morgan, Barclays, Citigroup, RBC, RBS, Lazard, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank.  In 2012, Mr. Kovacs was appointed as the lead learning adviser for the Securities & Exchange Commission, assessing and implementing solutions for examiners, accountants, and attorneys working for the agency, an unprecedented appointment for a private sector individual.

Mr. Kovacs completed his Bachelor of Science in Economics & Finance from The College of Staten Island, City University of New York, where he completed his four-year academic requirements at 18 years of age.   He also attended Columbia University for undergraduate studies.