Friday Letters: Fracking Ban (

Fracking ban woes ahead..

Regarding “Town approves ban on fracking” (Page B4, Wednesday), Denton voters just plunged their city into a costly legal mess. By voting to ban fracking, they’ve triggered a wave of lawsuits against the city council.

This ban unlawfully prevents the state’s General Land Office from selling the mineral rights to state-owned territories. That agency has already filed suit.

The Texas Oil and Gas Association is also pursuing litigation. And there looks to be a third lawsuit coming from the Texas Railroad Commission.

This avalanche of litigation will cost Denton taxpayers dearly. Combined, three small towns in Colorado have already racked up nearly $200,000 in legal fees defending their fracking bans. One can only imagine what Denton’s bill will total.

Denton’s fracking ban is a costly mistake. Its only value will be in showing other Texas communities what not to do.

Opinion by: Chris Faulkner, President and CEO,Breitling Energy

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