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Stop Singling Out Fracking For Draining Water Supplies (

California, Nevada, and much of the southwest are experiencing major droughts. So when Golden State lawmakers killed a bill that would have banned the practice of hydraulic fracturing — or “fracking” — environmentalists cried foul. These “fractivists” claim the controversial drilling technique sucks up limited water supplies and exacerbates droughts. That claim is nonsense. Fracking […]


API VP: Elected Officials, Not Voters, Should Make Fracking Decisions (

Leaving fracking decisions up to voters is “irresponsible,” according to Louis Finkel, the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) vice president, The Hill reported. Because of the complexity of fracking, elected officials are more suited to make the decision, he said. “I think these are complicated, difficult issues, and trying to deal with them through means of […]

Key Gas Pipelines in Ukraine

The Dash for Gas: Will the US Finally Support LNG Exports to Beleaguered Nations? (

“Oil and gas is what starts wars.” So says Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation, a Texas-based shale exploration and production company bidding on oil and gas blocks in the United Kingdom.  Like thousands of other US energy executives, Faulkner is closely monitoring American and European policy responses to the Ukrainian crisis, which has […]


Energy via Rail: A Multifaceted Dilemma (

In Benson, the western Minnesota city that has ticketed BNSF Railway for its trains blocking street access for emergency services, local merchants wrote a letter to the editor of the Swift County Monitor complaining about the railway “interrupting commerce.” It seems teams of horses weren’t able to get through. The letter was dated 1887. Rob […]


With Emissions Rising, It’s Time to Embrace Natural Gas (

This spring, scientists recorded the highest average levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide in human history. In response, climate researchers and environmentalists have redoubled their pleas for a transition to alternative energy sources. Abandoning all forms of fossil fuel, however, isn’t a realistic strategy for reducing carbon pollution. Any short-term plan for cutting emissions has to […]


Fracking Defense: Fears of Depleting Water Supply Are Unfounded (

California is experiencing the worst drought in its history. So when state lawmakers recently killed a bill that would have banned the practice of hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, environmentalists cried foul. These “fractivists” claim the controversial drilling technique is sucking up the state’s limited water supplies. That is nonsense. Fracking represents a tiny fraction […]