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Breitling Energy Corporation President and CEO Chris Faulkner a Featured Panelist on Hydraulic Fracturing at 18th Annual NCAC-USAEE Washington Energy Policy Conference

DALLAS, Texas, April 21, 2014 – Chris Faulkner, President and CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation (OTCBB: BECC), will be a featured panelist discussing “Disruptive Technology in the Oil & Gas Sector: Hydrofracturing” at the 18th Annual NCAC-USAEE Washington Energy Policy Conference Tuesday, April 22 from 9:35 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.   Faulkner will address transportation and infrastructure issues created by the […]


Breitling Energy Corporation Named “Best Company for Leadership” by IAIR Awards, Recognizing Excellence in Global Economy and Sustainability

DALLAS, Texas, April 16, 2014 – Breitling Energy Corporation (OTCBB: BECC) has been named “Best Company for Leadership” in Oil & Gas Extraction in the US by the IAIR Awards, recognizing excellence in global economy and sustainability. The award was announced at a gala dinner at the Yale Club in New York April 15. Breitling was recognized “For its fast growing know-how in the oil and gas field that enables the company and […]


Breitling Energy CEO to Deliver Keynote Presentation Discussing the U.S. Energy Renaissance

Breitling Energy Corporation (OTCBB: BECC) (the “Company”), a Dallas-based oil and gas exploration and production company, announced today that its CEO Chris Faulkner will participate at the Shalecomm West conference held between April 22 – 24, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Faulkner will present the Keynote presentation on April 23 at 9a.m. local time entitled […]


Ideology, Technology, and Coming Up a Poor Third – Common Sense (

Nowhere is the struggle fiercer between half-aspiring ideology and good old common sense than in the Obama Administration’s energy strategy – or lack thereof. Having been ambushed by intrepid technology in the exploitation of natural gas  – “the shale revolution” — the country’s energy markets are in partial abeyance. The shale gas has blocked the […]


Ethanol Use in Gasoline Can Reduce Foreign Oil Imports (

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — the use of corn-produced ethanol in gasoline is an outdated method to lower greenhouse emissions while ethanol generated with natural gas yields a cleaner and cheaper fuel, experts said. Corn-based ethanol is “definitely a failed and outdated attempt at lowering emissions,” said Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy, a Dallas oil […]