Breitling CEO Faulkner Named Industry Leader (


Chris Faulkner, president and CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas Corp., has been awarded the prestigious Industry Leader of the Year Award for 2013 from the Oil and Gas Awards, the company said in a press release on Oct. 24.

The Oil and Gas Awards are a platform for the industry to demonstrate and celebrate the advances made in the key areas of environmental stewardship, efficiency, innovation, corporate social responsibility and health & safety.

“Chris Faulkner is not only the CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas, but more importantly a true leader in the oil and gas industry, who commits himself to improve the image of our industry to the public. He has worked tirelessly to champion the oil and gas industry and sets an example for the CEOs of other oil and gas companies” said one of the Oil and Gas awards judges.  According to the release, additional comments from Faulkner’s nomination ballots included, “The local community and the entire oil industry benefits from Chris’ efforts to work with and educate the public regarding our industry “

Faulkner has been the president and CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas since its inception in 2004. He serves on Breitling’s International Shale Gas Committee and drives the company’s long-range economic and energy outlooks, which serve as the basis for the Company’s strategic planning. His diverse and extensive background in the oil and gas industry in North America, Europe and the Middle East covers all aspects of oil and gas operations, including project management, production, facilities, drilling and business development. Faulkner serves as an advisor to the ECF Asia Shale Committee and sits on the board of directors for the North Texas Commission.

A global leader in North American exploration and production, Breitling’s exploration activities are focused on adding profit generating production to existing core areas and developing potential new core areas. Breitling’s production operations supply liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas to the growing world energy markets. Worldwide production operations are currently focused in North America. Breitling Oil and Gas’ primary goal is to increase the value of acquired properties through a combination of exploitation, drilling and proven engineering extraction.

Breitling Oil and Gas Corp. is an independent energy company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and production of oil and gas in North America. The privately held company is headquartered in Dallas.