Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #533

Environmentalists never give up.  They fly around the country going to meetings, holding rallies…stirring up whatever anti-fossil-fuel campaign they can muster.  And strangely, I’ve never seen a one of them…riding a horse.  They’re in love with the very thing they hate.

Their latest tactic is through the Endangered Species List.  Most recently added was the Lesser Prairie Chicken.  A cute little bird that makes his home in the flatlands…the same areas abundant with natural resources.

At a conference recently, I was told that they are pushing to put another 250 critters on the list….and 100 of ‘em live in Texas.

It takes 30 years to get an animal OFF this list.  We can’t afford to curtail the ONE area of our economy that IS working….because of something that is a NON-issue.

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