Breitling Oil and Gas California Morning Podcast #6

A new pipeline could be headed here to California and bringing a quarter million barrels of oil per day with it.  Kinder Morgan Freedom Pipeline is holding a binding open season to determine industry interest in the development of a 1025 mile oil pipeline to transport crude oil from the Permian basin of West Texas to the refining complexes of northern and southern California. The 277,000-b/d Pipeline would move crude oil from the Midland, Texas to anticipated intrastate pipeline interconnections near Pentland, Calif.

Subject to sufficient customer support and regulatory approvals, Kinder Morgan plans to begin work on the Freedom Pipeline by June 2015 for an in-service date of yearend-2016.

New construction will occur in or adjacent to existing right-of-way for almost its entire length. The open season closes May 2.

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