Breitling Oil and Gas Evening Podcast #35 February 29th, 2012

Oil and gas today, here is Chris Faulkner with Breitling Oil and Gas: It’s not even summer yet and gas prices are already soaring, the national average hit 3$ and 57 cents recently. What’s causing the spike? Could hike gas prices and end up demolishing President Obama’s fully recovering poll numbers? Global oil prices are at 9 month high at 105$ a barrel in part because of contingent with Iran ,and in part because of available crude resources can barely keep up with the growing demand worldwide . What’s more a number of US gasoline refineries close early for maintenance this year, causing pump prices to spike higher. Or Some analyst argue that speckles of hedge fund money is running driving up gasoline futures,its obvious to me that global forces still appear to be the prime suspect. Gas prices affect every American directly its election year folks! Do high gas prices cause voters to savour the part in the whitehouse let’s hope so.

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