Breitling Oil and Gas Evening Podcast #39 March 13th, 2012

For Oil and gas today, here is Chris Faulkner with Breitling Oil and Gas: Oil prices are affected by supply and demand, however oil prices are also affected by oil price futures. These prices fluctuate daily depending on what investors think the price of oil will be in the future, when traders think oil will be high they bid it up even higher. This soon causes high gas prices.Another reason for high oil prices is declining dollar, since oil was denominated in dollars the 40% decline in the dollar in the last 6 years puts pressure on oil prices. Sometimes traders drive up the oil prices even when supply increases and demand falls. In other words money that used to be invested in real estate or the global stock markets are now being invested in Oil futures. So don’t go around blaming the oil industry, it’s not us.

This has been oil and gas today brought to you by Breitling Oil and Gas helping investors capitalize of the powerful potential of Oil and Gas for more information visit that’s

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