Breitling Oil and Gas Afternoon Podcast #112 July 17th, 2012

Statoil has resumed production of 3.8 million boe/d of liquids and natural gas on the Norwegian continental shelf from installations affected by an oil-field worker strike after the Norwegian government stepped in at the 11th hour to impose compulsory arbitration in an offshore pay settlement.

Norwegian Minister of Labor informed the parties in the pay settlement that the government will propose to Parliament that the conflict be resolved by compulsory arbitration. At the minister’s request, the parties resumed work last week.

On July 5, the Norwegian Oil Industry Association announced an impending lockout for all members of Industry Energy, the Organization of Energy Personnel, and Norwegian Organization of Managers and Executives affected by the offshore agreement. A strike that begun on June 24 by members of those unions had already halted production at some fields offshore Norway.

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