Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #113 July 18th, 2012

Recently published data from the US Energy Information Administration show that monthly electric power generation from natural gas-fired plants nearly equaled that from coal-fired plants in April, marking the first time this has been so since EIA began compiling these data.

Each type of electric power generation supplied about 32% of total generation during that month, EIA reported using preliminary data.

In April, EIA reported net electric generation from gas-fired plants was 95.9 million Mw-hr, only slightly below the 96 million Mw-hr supplied from coal-fired plants.  In April 2012, demand was low due to the mild spring weather. Also in April, natural gas prices as delivered to power plants were at a 10-year low. With warmer summer weather and increased electric demand for air conditioning, demand will increase, requiring increased output from both coal- and natural gas-fired generators.

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