Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #144 September 1st, 2012

I am here to say Gov. Mitt Romney’s business experience would help bring a positive transformation to the federal government’s approach with regulations and energy sector growth.
With Texas hardly qualifying as a battleground state, I am still very grateful that Governor Romney is taking the time to talk with and listen to us, as I believe he would bring the kind of change we’re hoping to see at the White House.

Obama’s whole administration is full of ideologues and people who don’t have earthly ideas about business issues. Romney’s ideology is what’s best for the United States, best for Americans and best for our industry.

I can tell you that over-regulation, delays in permitting and issues — like the potential ridiculous listing of the dunes sagebrush lizard in the Permian Basin as an endangered species — have done nothing but make it more difficult for the oil and gas business during the past four years.

Despite ongoing protests in hopes to ban hydraulic fracturing in New York, I have had rumors the state is about to green-light the controversial practice. An announcement detailing the plan’s regulations is expected soon.

The decision follows a moratorium on drilling permits set in 2008 in order to conduct environmental tests to ensure the safety of residents.

Many environmental experts say drilling carries a high risk of poisoning clean waters, and

The Marcellus Shale Formation the gas-rich rock formations in Pennsylvania and the bordering New York counties. may hold enough natural gas to supply the U.S. for two decades

Although the state’s pending approval comes as a disappointment to environmentalists, Cuomo is likely to only allow fracking in limited areas that want drilling to take place in their communities.

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