Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #159 9-27-12

Outside the oil patch, energy doesn’t seem to be a factor in the US presidential election. When the issue is raised, it’s usually the Joe Six-Pack complaint, “Gasoline prices are too damn high!” That cry has been repeated so often that many thought President Barack Obama would use Hurricane Isaac as an excuse to spring crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve into the market to drive down prices prior to the election.

According to various polls, major campaign issues for both parties include the economy, unemployment, taxes, and the $14 trillion federal debt. The Cable News Network web site reported, “President Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office has been defined in many ways by the economy and the worst recession in a lifetime.” That normally would be enough to bring down a president who failed to solve those problems in his first 4 years. Yet according to polls, Obama’s more charismatic and likeable than challenger Mitt Romney.  That’s a great excuse to vote for someone who is running the country.

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