Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #165 10-8-12

Let’s face it – the so-called shale drilling revolution is exciting to witness.  But since every other month another  “next hot new play” seems to surface, it may be easy to overlook the back-story of just what a tremendous economic net the shale phenomenon has cast–not just on industry and producing areas, but virtually everywhere.

It’s downright mind-boggling to consider just how far-reaching an impact these plays–both emerging and established–are having on the entire landscape of US commerce.

Jobs from shale and other unconventional drilling are being created not just in the “oil business”– but across a very broad spectrum of other businesses. Water recyclers, environmental consulting firms, physicians–even landscapers and local hardware stores, are finding more customers because of bustling activity in shale and other fields that are being developed unconventionally.  Energy is truly carrying America.

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