Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #232 2-5-13

Although fracking is an unattractive word that conjures up visions of a swear word from “Battlestar Gallactica” or a monstrous mashing machine that pulverizes everything in its path, fracking has greatly increased our supplies of oil and natural gas.

Our freedom as Americans is protected by fracking because it reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Iran has threatened to block the Straits of Hormuz to keep tankers from leaving the Middle East. Such an action would drastically reduce oil shipments to the United States and many of our allies. It is vital to our national security to develop oil reserves in our own country.

Fracking is a slang term used in place of hydraulic fracturing — the process of injecting water, chemicals and sand into an oil well bore to break up the rock and release more oil and/or gas. It is really a type of advanced technological extraction and is used in almost all new oil well development. It has never been proven to pollute groundwater or cause any other environmental issues that cannot be mitigated.

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