Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #238 2-13-13

The oil and gas industry has been a true bright spot amid the economic downturn. Regions with
rampant drilling like south Texas and North Dakota have among the lowest unemployment
rates in the nation. In Dickinson, N.D. workers at McDonald’s can get a $300 signing bonus and
wages of $15 or more an hour. There’s a booming business in building “man camps” to house
all the roughnecks needed to drill wells in the Bakken or Eagle Ford shale.

Thanks to all this labor demand, the average pay for an oil and gas worker in the United States
has climbed to $124,000 . However oilfield workers can still make much more overseas where
the labor pool is tighter.

The hottest spot for oil & gas workers is Australia, where the global supermajors like Chevron
and Shell are in the process of building more than $150 billion worth of projects

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