Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #243 2-21-13

The oil and gas industry so far has avoided any drastic changes in US regulation or taxation, but the risk of change still exists, prompting unconventional asset buyers and sellers to monitor the direction of federal tax and fiscal policy.

Everyone should now a disproportionate or extreme change in regulatory oversight or taxation could put at risk the energy renaissance that North America is experiencing.

The shale gas revolution initially benefitted the oil and gas industry, and is now largely responsible for potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in investment slated over the next decade for midstream infrastructure, added petrochemical capacity, LNG export facilities, and other manufacturing-related capital outlays.

We continue to see strong interest from foreign buyers, including state-owned enterprises. Those companies are getting involved in North America’s oil and gas markets in order to better understand shale and tight oil resources.

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