Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #246 2-26-13

US energy policies should be adjusted to reflect a changed energy outlook resulting from growing unconventional oil and gas activity

The question of the US unconventional revolution’s potential geopolitical consequences has triggered international discussions.

This kind of question was never on that agenda before. Expanded oil and gas supplies unquestionably increase US energy security and make the nation less vulnerable to supply interruptions.

However, there will remain only one global oil market, and a major disruption anywhere would affect the entire market. Another question is how growing US unconventional production will affect US involvement in the Middle East.

“Current net US imports from the Persian Gulf are equivalent to 8% of total consumption, as it is. Even if that number goes down, the nature of US interests in the region go well beyond direct oil imports to its importance for the global economy and global security.

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