Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #41 March 14th, 2012

For Oil and gas today, here is Chris Faulkner with Breitling Oil and Gas: Personally I thought President Obama for high gas prices because as the leader of the country he should be in-tune with what matters most to the American consumers. It’s no secret that keeping gas prices low is the top priority but people are still asking  what dose President has to do with gas prices? My answer to that is he is America’s chief advocate to the world but he isn’t doing enough to meet the needs of the people. He vetoes’ the keystone pipeline, refuses to open up federal lands for drilling, curbed offshore drilling and backed  renewable subsidies whilst his time in Oil and gas industry subsidies by  every possible way. In spite of the president, we will have this country on the road to energy independence. We will find new oil reserve, so that America can be in –charge of its own destiny.

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