Breitling Oil and Gas Morning Podcast #96 June 21th, 2012

North Dakota keeps setting records in crude oil and natural gas production, according to the state’s Department of Mineral Resources.

According to the latest figures released Tuesday, in April there were 18.3 million barrels of crude oil pumped out of 7,025 wells. Daily production averaged 609,373 barrels.

That’s up from 17.9 million barrels out of 6,932 wells in March, the first time North Dakota surpassed Alaska in crude oil production to take the No. 2 slot among the states. Texas is No. 1.

Natural gas production, a byproduct of drilling for oil in North Dakota, also set a record in April, totaling 19.5 million MCF, or thousand-cubic-feet. About a third of the natural gas produced is flared off, or burned on the drilling sites, because of low prices and lack of infrastructure to move the gas to market, according to state regulators.

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