Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #308

It’s a TEXAS MILESTONE folks.  Ninety years ago last week, the tide of fortune in West Texas made an important turn on a patch of nondescript scrubland in Reagan County, in what would one day be a camp town known as Texon.

“Early on May 28 … the Santa Rita roared to life, sprayed oil over the top of the derrick, and covered a 250-yard area around the site.

“Independent oilman Michael Benedum tested the extent of the field and his efforts proved that the area was indeed rich in oil and that Santa Rita No. 1 was just a small beginning for the men who promoted it, for the University of Texas, and for other oil-rich areas of the Permian Basin,

The Santa Rita No. 1 produced for nearly 67 years. It was plugged in 1990.

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