Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #317

Some interesting facts on the road to the attempted ban on fracking in California.    Few issues divide Democrats more than energy policy, as we’ve learned as unions and environmentalists fight over the Keystone XL pipeline. More evidence now comes from California, where greens have lost an attempt to ban oil and gas hydraulic fracturing.

Democratic leaders brought their fracking moratorium bill to the Califnoria Assembly recently, and their rank and file revolted. The bill lost 37-24, with 12 Democrats joining 25 Republicans to defeat it.   This was a rare rout of the Sierra Club and other green that denounce fracking.

The votes for the fracking ban came mainly from the wealthy, mostly white Democratic coastal districts—San Francisco, Santa Monica and Malibu. Opponents were mostly from central California, areas that are poor and minority, with rates of unemployment of 12% or more.  Very interesting in deed.

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