Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #333

In Gasland, Director Josh Fox ’s first fake documentary about hydraulic fracturing, or ‘Fracking’, the false claim was made that the oil and gas industry is somehow exempt from the Clean Air Act and other major federal environmental laws.  Mr. Fox continues to make this false claim in Gasland II– often referring to it as the Halliburton Loophole – despite it having been completely and thoroughly debunked.

Are the existing regulations around shale gas development perfect? Probably not. Could they use some modernization? Probably so, and many states are heavily engaged in that process right now. But characterizing the oil and gas industry as “an unregulated free for all” is simply not true, and serves no useful purpose from a problem solving perspective.  Those who engage in this sort of intentional misleading commentary,are performing a great disservice to the public.

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