Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #342

President Obama consistently pushes for spending on infrastructure. Can someone please ask the president that, when a road is repaired, how many permanent jobs will be created? More than the 50-100 he alleges from construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Perhaps on his way to Martha’s Vineyard or back to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for the 6th tine, he might have the time to read the jobs creation section of the State Department‘s pipeline study which states that the pipeline will create 42,000 direct and indirect jobs. Considering the 4000 jobs instantly created when the Southern portion of the pipeline from Oklahoma down to Texas began construction, it makes little sense why the President would seem so disconnected from realty and would try to convince the American people the pipeline will be completed with only 50 people working on it.

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