Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #351

A little-known oil production technique that uses a powerful acid to dissolve rock underground could transform the oil industry and lead to a new boom in oil production from California’s Monterey Shale.

Here is the technical REALITY of the Monterey shale and what it will take to develop it. – shales, which run deep underground from south of the San Francisco Bay Area all the way through the Los Angeles Basin, contain oil deposits similar to the Canadian tar sands – but with several important distinguishing characteristics.

“Like Canada’s tar sands, the Monterey Shale contains mostly heavy oil that requires a lot of energy and effort to get out of the ground and refine.  But unlike other shales, the Monterey is riddled with fractures and folds created by California’s highly active tectonic zones which means we wont need to frack it and we can begin drilling immediately.

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