Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #364

A revolution is underway folks – an energy revolution and its happening right here in America!   U.S. oil and gas production is evolving so rapidly—and demand is dropping so quickly—that in just five years the U.S. could no longer need to buy oil from any source but Canada.

The U.S., in a matter of years will become an exporter of energy, instead of one of the biggest importers.

My prediction: OPEC will find it challenging to survive another 60 years, let alone another decade.  But not all of the consequences are positive, for when it comes to the geopolitics of energy, the likely outcomes are asymmetric, with clear cut winner and losers.

The U.S. is a winner in many ways. Its super power status could be prolonged because of this new growth in oil and shale gas production, made possible by “fracking” and other non-conventional drilling technologies.

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