Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #395

Through the stroke of the pen, President Obama used his executive powers to elevate and take control of climate change policies in an attempt to streamline sustainability initiatives – and potentially skirt legislative oversight and push a federal agenda on states.  I have some issues here though.  This allows the government to

•             hold back money to communities unless they meet new standards on various items and agendas set by the Federal Government. For example, using new policies that will encourage communities to rebuild to pre-disaster standards instead of stronger ones.
•             issue mandates to bring sweeping new changes to land use and resource policies.
•             have More control and refocus of climate change data and use of it to push a new agenda into every priority of the Federal Government.
•             Create the need for a new internal organization for coordination efforts during a government sequestration and possible future shutdowns.

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