Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #404

Here are some great statistics on what is happening to this country because of our newfound energy revolution.  Between now and 2020, shale gas and oil will add $380 billion-690 billion, or two to four percentage points, to America’s annual GDP, creating 1.7m permanent jobs in the process.  Now let’s not forget the manufacturing Renaissance which will add a $533 billion boost to GDP by 2025, creating around 3.9m jobs.

I feel confident that In the next few years the benefits of fracking will become more visible in other industries, especially those, such as chemicals firms, that consume a lot of energy or use raw materials derived from hydrocarbons. European industry pays around three times as much for its gas, and Japanese firms pay more than four times.  This will give America’s firms a huge advantage on foreign rivals.

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