Breitling Oil and Gas Texas and California Morning Podcast #409

Shale energy has created more than 2.1 million jobs in communities across America, with another 1.25 million new jobs expected over the next decade

In addition, shale energy will generate more than $2.5 trillion in new tax revenue between now and 2035, with more than half going to states and localities.  That makes shale energy truly a game changer for the American Economy

Today US manufacturers represent a third of total US energy demand and need affordable and reliable sources to stay globally competitive.

The shale revolution is a game-changer for manufacturers that drives job creation, but overreaching laws and regulations at any level could slow this energy revolution and—in the worst case—stop it  The wrong policies will deny Americans and our economy the promise of reliable and secure energy. The right policies will spur economic growth, job creation, and global competitiveness for years to come.

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