Breitling Oil and Gas Texas Morning Podcast #279

How much of a big deal is Eagle Ford’s oil and gas boom for Texas? The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas recently posed that question .  Here are some answers that I dug up. Eagle Ford falls within a 23-county area, with eight counties producing most of the oil being pumped from the formation. Oil production in Eagle Ford began accelerating in 2010 — by that year 4.4% of Texas oil came from Eagle Ford. By January of this year, however, that figure is nearly 29%. LaSalle County alone produced 66,000 barrels a day in January which is up 2500% from the same time last year.  Eagle Ford production has grown 39% compared with a decline of 5.6% for the rest of Texas. I would wager to say the Eagleford will be one of the biggest oil producers on the planet. Lucky us!

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