Breitling Oil and Gas Texas Morning Podcast #303

Corpus Christi has not seen this much excitement since (LBJ) won the White House in 1964. And, perhaps there is even more at stake for the area than LBJ’s 1964 historic landslide. There’s oil and gas flowing again in Texas and plenty of it.

Since just last year the state’s Eagle Ford oil and gas shale deposits, one of the largest shale discoveries in the US, have generated some $61 billion in economic impact on the South Texas economy, more than doubling its impact from 2011. Better yet for Texas and indeed the entire country, it’s supporting more than 116,000 high-paying new jobs,

The, Eagle Ford’s impact has the potential to double the region’s economy in nine years and quadruple it in the next 18 years. Corpus Christi is just 60 miles south of those shale deposits.

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