Breitling Oil and Gas Texas Morning Podcast #323

Lets step out of reality for a second and assume the Keystone XL pipeline never does get built. Even if those oil sands that would have come to America via the pipeline instead get shipped to China by tanker, you haven’t done anything to reduce carbon emissions. Oil tankers belch out a lot more diesel exhaust than do the compressor stations that push crude oil through pipelines. And if the oil sands crude gets sent to China to be refined, that means that much more heavy crude has to be shipped into U.S. refineries. Refiners (and rational Americans) would prefer to have a safe and secure source of oil from our beloved neighbors to the north. But refiners aren’t just going to close up shop because they can’t get oil from Canada. In fact, it’s this non-Keystone scenario that would exacerbate carbon emissions.  Idiots.

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