Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #505

A recent Weather Channel report blasted the Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas development in South Texas as polluting the air so residents in the area can’t breathe.  This is nonsense.  The Weather Channel has an agenda, and they’re being used as a mouthpiece of the environmentalist movement.

There is 10-times the density of development in North Dakota in the Bakken formation.   Mountrail County is ground zero of where most drilling is going on.

Listen to this…the American Lung Association…NOT a pawn of the Environmentalist movement….and not in the hip pocket of oil and gas either…said in their 2014 “State of the Air” report that North Dakota gets a TOP GRADE for air quality, and that drilling for oil has had little impact on air quality.

Come on Weather Channel.  Stop being a pawn.  The facts are clear, and Fracking has been objectively proven SAFE in every way.

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