Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner Podcast #434

The State Department released it final environmental impact statement on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would transport heavy crude oil extracted in Canada to the United States. Here are some key numbers from the analysis you need to know:

5.7 million: That’s how many new cars would have to drive on U.S. roads to release the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide that would enter the atmosphere from 830,000 barrels of oil moving through the pipeline each day.

3.4 billion: That’s how many dollars the pipeline’s construction would contribute to the U.S. economy.

Zero: That’s the number of “preferred alternatives” the State Department identified in its report. In other words, the agency isn’t saying whether it’s better to approve the project or reject it.

It’s pretty obvious the pipeline needs to get approved. So Mr. President, pick up the pen and put us to work.

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