Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner Podcast #436

Any expectation that would clarify the Keystone XL pipeline issue went up in smoke in recent days.

In the aftermath of a conclusion that downplayed the oil pipeline’s potential effects on climate change, the issue has gotten even more politically complicated for the Obama White House. Environmentalists are ramping up their opposition to the proposed 1,179-mile pipeline, while Republicans have intensified their push for approval. As for Democrats, well, that depends on their election prospects.

Last September found that 65 percent of Americans expressed support for the pipeline, including 51 percent of Democrats surveyed.

As all sides re-up in a battle that began five years ago when the White House was asked to approve the oil pipeline from western Canada’s tar sands to a Nebraska transfer station.  Let’s stop dilly dallying and get this thing approved.  It’s absurd.

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