Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #481

When you were a kid, did anyone ever scare the daylights out of you with the Boogie Man?  Some augur figure that was hiding in the closet that was going to jump out and scare your socks off?

There’s a Boogie Man in our country today…and it’s called FRACKING.  People are creating a mythical scare that it’s going to poison your water supply….tear up your community…or destroy your property values.  While oil and gas production is an industrial process, it only lasts a few weeks.  I’m currently completing wells in less than 2 months.  Then it’s gone.  What’s left behind is the land as it was, and 40 or more years of producing the life-blood of our lifestyle, which is called oil.  In my book, that’s a fair trade that’s worth making.  BOOO!

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