Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #493

One of the environmentalists’ biggest attacks on fracking is around water safety.  Propaganda like the movie Gasland makes it look like if an oil rig moves in, your water is going to get polluted.

Once again in Texas, this has been proven untrue.

The Texas Railroad Commission studied a recent increase in methane gas around the Trinity Aquifer near Weatherford and found no connection with the gas wells nearby.

Since fracking has become commercial, no government, scientific or academic institution has produced one single incident where the fracking process has damaged a water supply, and supports the FACT that methane occurs naturally.

And as for Josh Fox and his movie, every one of his claims has been proven misleading.))  When done responsibly, fracking is a safe process that can fuel our energy needs for decades to come.  And this is proven over and over factually.

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