Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #495

The Canadian Government voted recently to approve the construction of a new pipeline through Alberta to the Pacific coast.   I don’t like “I told you so’s”…..but I told you this would happen.

While this is going to be fraught with lawsuits from environmentalists because of the pristine mountains and coastal regions it would pass through, Canada is only going to wait so long on the United States to approve the proposed Keystone pipeline.

This is yet another major blow to the United States influence in the world.  If this pipeline is built, oil from Alberta’s tar sands once tagged for the U.S. will be diverted to the pacific…..destination:  China.

What a sad commentary on where our country is being led.  President Obama had the opportunity to capture this oil flow, strengthen our relations with one of our closest allies, and solidify North American Oil Independence.  And once again….he blew it.

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