Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #496

The process of FRACKING….or injecting sand, water and a few lubricants….into shale rock deep below the earth’s surface….has become the boogieman of the environmentalist movement.

A movement….by the way….that used to fully support the safe extraction of natural gas until they realized just how darn much of it we now have….thanks to Fracking.

Now it’s time for our oil and gas industry to fully disclose everything we put down that well bore.   Nothing will cool the fractivist rhetoric faster than putting the information out there, for all to see, complete with information about how each additive is used in other daily industry and consumer applications to illustrate the harmless concentrations used in fracking operations.

We can’t afford to keep leaving fractivists to imagine the worst possibilities. We have to get ahead of the energy revolution story in ways that reassure the public and underscore the positive impacts.

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