Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #497

There’s a new dynamic playing out on the world’s stage.  In turning up the heat on the Ukraine, Vladamir Putin shut off the gas flowing not only to 45-million people there, but also as an energy conduit to Europe.

This is further evidence why the United States MUST become a Natural Gas Exporter.  Not only will it help bolster our own economy, but it will help circumvent this massing influence Mr. Putin is exerting as he attempts to re-assemble the Russian Federation, piece by piece.

While Putin is on the march, President Obama is on the sidelines.  We don’t have an energy policy.  We should be using this situation to once again strengthen our position in the world and become a trusted trading partner for Europe and beyond.  I agree with Diane Fienstein…imagine that….and am equally frustrated by this Administration.

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