Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #502

This spring, scientists recorded the highest average levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide in human history. In response, climate researchers and environmentalists have redoubled their pleas for a transition to alternative energy sources.

Abandoning all forms of fossil fuel, however, isn’t a realistic strategy for reducing carbon pollution. Any short-term plan for cutting emissions MUST involve one of the cleanest and most economically viable energy sources available right now: natural gas.

The adoption of natural gas already has helped cut carbon pollution in the United States. Those concerned about emissions levels need to embrace natural gas as an indispensable part of our energy future.  Already the United States has lowered carbon emissions by over 10-percent from peak levels.  A transition from coal to natural gas in many of our nation’s power plants is the main reason why.

Wind and solar are great ideas, but there’s no way they can carry the load.  Natural Gas can…and it’s time to make it our bridge fuel of the next generation.

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