Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #503

Russian President Vladmir Putin has won some begrudging admiration for his strategic triumph during the Syria crisis. Let him have his moment. It won’t last long. A new development threatens to rob Putin of a significant part of his international heft.

That development, of course, is America’s energy revolution.

By ExxonMobil’s estimates, natural gas is on track to becoming the second-largest energy source in the world by 2025, outpacing even coal. And the United States just became the biggest natural gas producer on the globe, overtaking – you guessed it – Russia.

While the United States will benefit economically, politically and diplomatically from this energy revolution, Russia will come out the biggest loser.  Why?  Because the Russian economy relies TOTALLY on energy.  The more we develop our oil and gas that an be unlocked through the process called Fracking, the more the United States….not Russia….will control world energy policy.  And Mr. Putin is scared to death of that possibility.

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