Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #507

Headline:  Scotland, of all places.

“Pay Gap Widens as Oil and Gas workers enjoy soaring wages”

The article went on to say that half of the 10 top paying jobs in Scotland were in Oil and Gas.  That’s especially interesting because of the huge resistance to fracking across Europe.

But that headline could just as easily have read…Nebraska, or Colorado, or Texas or Pennsylvania.

Across America….the Shale Oil Boom has created tens of thousands of high-paying jobs.  The average hourly salary of an oilfield worker is $46 an hour.  Compare that to the new minimum wage President Obama is trying to impose on businesses of a paltry ten-dollars and ten-cents an hour.  And some places, like California and New York, have closed the door to this incredible and unexpected abundance.

Fracking can…and is…being done safely across the world, and those who “get it”….are loving it.

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