Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #511

I was in Europe recently for a high-level meeting, including members of Parliament.  While I was there, it was hitting the British Press that “Fracking Can Be Safe, Says Report”.

And that was basically what I was telling Parliament.  The Public Health Department of England concluded that the risk – quote – “Will be low if shale gas extraction is properly run and regulated”.

We’ve known this in the US for 70 years.

But notice how England changed its tune when Vladamir Putin stood at the nozzle, threating to curtail Europe’s winter gas supply, flowing through the Ukraine.

It’s amazing what shortages will do to public opinion about fracking.  I only hope we don’t have to get to that point here before people understand and embrace that American Energy Independence is KEY to our future of not facing the same threat here….and that FRACKING IS SAFE.

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