Oil and Gas Today with Chris Faulkner – Podcast #513

An alarming statistic released recently that Oklahoma has had more earthquakes than California this year by about double.   And most news stories are quick to point to fracking as the cause.  But a local geologist, Glen Brown, says hold on a minute….he found similar activity in the 1950’s and noticed a correlation to an increase in worldwide earthquakes then….and now.   And he notes there have been similar earthquake break-outs recently in Virginia and South Carolina, where there is NO oil and gas production. We don’t know the cause of these earthquakes in Oklahoma.  And if it is found they are because of waste water injection, that is easily fixed as it was in Texas earlier this year.

The main point to emphasize is that Fracking is NOT the cause of all the world’s woes as the environmentalists would have you believe.

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